Creating Connection Images

Connection Images

Are you looking for a way to get your fans to interact on your social media and really be engaged with your posts? Do you want a quick, easy way to make them dive into your book?

Connection images are one of my favorite ways to do this.

A connection image is a graphic created of objects that are symbolic within your story, that you then turn into a game with your fans to either promote a book that it releasing soon or get your fans to dive back into the story they have all come to love.

The link to the full RT TV episode on Creating Connection Images and the tutorial video on Connection Images is at the bottom of this post.


Step1: Make a list

Go through your manuscript and come up with a list of objects that repeatedly come up throughout your book. It’s okay to sue objects to represent those reoccurring themes within your book if you don’t have access to the exact thing.


Step2: Collect your props

Go through your home and see what you can find. Borrow props from friends and family if you need to. Take a trip to the store and find something or create something if you can’t find it already in your home. Objects that represent another object are fine (for example, I just succulents when the book has trees or meadows because I can’t drag a tree inside)


Step 3: Background

Find a solid colored, flat background that will not distract from your images. I recommend white or black foamboard. Textures and fabrics will take away from your Connection Image game.


Step 4: Arrange your objects

Sometimes we include the book, sometimes we do not, but all of your objects should be arranged so that everything is easily seen. Fans need to be able to clearly tell what each item is in order to play the challenge.


Step 5: Leave room for editing

You’re going to want to add words to this, so leave space to explain the challenge give directions, or add your links.

Step 6: Decide how to use it

Are you using this in your own social media? Are you splitting it up and sharing it with different book bloggers? Decide what you are doing and split it up accordingly.


Are you ready to learn more?

I have two awesome ways to use connection images in your marketing that you will learn about within the RT TV episode, as well as tips on how to shoot these types of images even if you’re working with an iphone.

Connection Image

Check out the entire RT TV episode on Creating Connection Images and the tutorial video on Creating Connection Images right here.


But wait! We don’t want you to go this alone. We’ve got a BONUS for you. In your weekly email from us about this week’s lesson is a freebie download, 15 Steps to Creating Incredible Connection Images. These steps will help you create incredible connection images every single time.

15 Steps to Creating Incredible Connection Images


Still need help? Drop your ideas in the comment box and we’ll see what we can do, or feel free to reach out to me for help through the Author Services page.


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