Four Impactful Ways To Get Your Book Reviews Out In The World

Now that Amazon doesn’t let authors write reviews on their site, what are you going to do to talk about the books your recommend?

Here are four impactful ways that you as an author can get reviews out there for your fans to see without ever needing to worry about Amazon:

1.) Bookstagram
Stylizing your current read and getting it up on Instagram under the #bookstagram feed is an awesome way to get fans’ attention. Post your review right in the comments or add your thoughts on the story.
2.) Snapchat and Instagram Stories
Taking pretty pictures or recording short video clips of your current read is an awesome way to get fans’ attention, especially since it disappears after one day (meaning if they want to see what you have to say, they’ll stalk your social media and won’t put off watching it until later) You can also include a screen/clip that says “snap the next screen for review link” and use the next picture to post a short link to your Goodreads review.

3.) Live Broadcast Review
Facebook Live and Persicope are primed for live book reviews. Hope on, hold up the book, give a few thoughts, ask what others things and then jump into the comments to chat about the book. Be extra cool and post the link to your review directly in your video title and tag the author if you can.
4.) Booktube
This gives you the ability to film a video and edit it together (meaning fear free filming because if you mess up, you just record it again and edit it in) and get out a book review that’s more entertaining. Even publishers stopped focusing on written blog reviews and are looking specifically for Booktubers to work with. Give your fans an entertaining look at your thoughts.

With these four ways, you never again have to worry that Amazon won’t let you review other books. The impactful ways will help your author friends AND establish you as a source of information about what good books to read next. Happy reading!

Tutorials link that will be helpful: Video Resource Tutorials
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