How to Get Posts Noticed In Your Street Team (Live from Nashville)

We’ve been talking a lot about street teams lately, and what better chance to talk about street teams than while I was on a road trip? Get it? Street…road. Okay, I’m terrible at puns. Moving on…

Live from Nashville, let’s talk about a super day way to get your content noticed in your street teams.

One simple way to get your content noticed in your street team group is to use a graphic with each post. This helps it to stand out, catches people’s attention, AND helps to make it easily identifiable when fans scroll through your feed to find a specific post (which is really helpful if you post a lot of content!)

**Just make sure you use imagery that doesn’t violate any copyright laws (take it yourself, use royalty free, or license imager-don’t just steal off of google)

What’s your favorite type of imagery to use?

Stay inspired,

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