3 Ways to Create Awesome Author Marketing Graphics

People have been asking how it is that I create so many marketing graphics for my author brand with that personal touch of having myself in these photos.

All businesses and brands know it’s important to have that personal touch, especially in a brand where you are the face of that brand. You have to be represented to your fans.

Here are three ways to create those awesome photos of yourself and your book for your brand:

1.) Make a friend.

No matter what business they are in, everyone needs promo images of themselves. Grab a friend, take several changes of clothing and accessories, and spend a Saturday afternoon roaming around your town taking photos for each other.

2.) Tripod + self timer.

Set your camera on a tripod, set your focus, and run back and forth using a self timer to take photos of yourself.

3.) Tripod+wireless remote shutter release.

Pop your camera on a tripod and attach a wireless remote shutter release. Set your focus and then use the remote to activate the camera. This way you don’t have to run back and forth with a self timer. See the video for exactly how this works (and why it’s saved my life over and over in my businesses)

**Note: You don’t have to have fancy equipment for this. You can use a good camera, a cheap point and shoot, or even your cell phone (if someone is taking the photos for you or you have a remote shutter release-don’t take selfies, those don’t look professional-see the video for details.)

Make the most out of what you have an make what you have work for you! You can totally do this!

What questions do you have on taking your own photos? Posing, lighting, editing? Sound off in the comments below!

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