Creating a Title Script for Facebook Live

With the ability to now use Facebook Live Contributors in our author and publisher brands, we need to take full advantage of this platform update and use it to raise our rankings in the system. One of the most important things to focus on when planning a live broadcast is getting viewers, and you do that my creating a really good title. In our Facebook live broadcast yesterday we took a deeper look at yesterday’s article and video on 5 Ways To Get Your Author Friends Involved In Your Facebook Live Platform

Your title is the first things fans see when they come across your Facebook Live broadcasts. It is what makes them stop to watch or keep scrolling. Creating a script for the “what are you seeing now” part of your broadcast is essential, especially if you have someone else going live on your behalf as a Contributor.

When working with a Contributor, you need to do the work and create the title.

*The first part should specifically say what the viewer will be watching, so specify what type of broadcast it is.

*Make sure to then include the name of the person going live both so your fans don’t get confused and think it’s you and so that they are aware that you invited this person to go live.

*End it with a link back to the Contributor’s Facebook page so they can give out info on where to find them without the link getting buried in the comments feed.

Check out the video for more in depth details on what to put in your title to get people to watch the videos on your page.

What is the next video you will be broadcasting on your page?

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