Creating Teaser Graphics for Instagram Social Media Marketing

Creating Social Teasers is so important to get fans to go from one platform over to another. Today we’re specifically talking about creating teasers for Instagram.

Here’s the highlight reel:

You can put up to a one minute video on your Instagram feed, so keep it short and sweet and hit those main points and redirect them. If you don’t have enough time to get all the info in the video, only give the most important info, and put everything else they need to know in the caption.

You can also use up to thirty¬†hashtags in your caption, so only use the most relevant ones and remember, you don’t have to use all thirty.

For more tips, check out our live rebroadcast all about using hashtags properly to avoid being hit by the shadowban.

Using teaser videos boosts your engagement on Instagram and gets your fans to go look at where ever you need them to go look.

Have questions on Social Teasers for IG? Want to share how you are currently using these teasers in your brand? Hit up the comments and let me know!

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