Creating Themed Days On Instagram To Foster Engagement

One of the things I do in my author brand is to create specific days on certain platforms that encourage fans to come check in with me for a specific reason on a weekly basis.

In my author brand, I do Say Hey Saturday, which is a day when I give three facts about myself and ask for three facts in return from my fans. Every single Saturday morning, I post a graphic on IG and FB and get to know my fans better.

Should YOU be doing Say Hey Saturday? No, absolutely not!

This takes away from the impact it has because “everyone is doing it” so your fans won’t care and mine will stop caring too. BUT if you create your own version, like Writer Tip Tuesday, or Bookstagram Saturday, you’re fans will start caring and will consistently show up to get involved.

You need to pick a topic related to your author brand and your books.

What works for you?

Pick a day of the week and a topic and consistently put out your graphics at the same time on the same day every week to train your people to show up and eventually they will!

What do YOU want to try to tackle for your version of themed days? Tell me in the comments!

Stay inspired,


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