Five Ways to Get Your Author Friends Involved In Your Facebook Live Platform

With the addition of Contributors on Facebook Live, you now have the ability to allow other people onto your page to create content for you without giving them admin access. I have a ton of ways you can take advantage of this new addition, but a really great one is by bringing on your author friends.

Allowing them to jump on your page opens up so many doors for cross promotion that this is going to be one of my most recommended tips for using live broadcasts.

Here’s a list of reasons to have other authors on your page for live broadcasts:

  1. Book recommendations (“If you like this author’s book, you’ll also like my book…here’s why…”)
    1. Tell why the books are similar and why fans would like it
    2. Have them do a live reading to get them interested in their bookThese are helpful because it cross promotes your author friends to your fans…which gives them something awesome to read while they wait for your next book. You can then turn around and do the same thing on their page and introduce your books to their fans.
  2. Book review
    1. Another author says why they love your book
    2. Why your book inspires them
    3. Or they can talk about their favorite scene
  3. Talk about upcoming events
    1. If you have an event coming up, have the other author jump on and talk about it if they are involved.
    2. If they aren’t involved, have them talk about your events and why they are excited about it
  4. Social media treasure hunts or hop arounds
    1. Send them to friend’s pages and they will be there to congratulate them on finding the page. We’ve got lots of helpful in on social media treasures hunts and hop arounds over at Reading Transforms
  5. Live book readings

Have your author friends do live readings of your book on your behalf. Often times it’s easier to read someone else’s words than your own, so switch books and do readings for each other.

Tomorrow we’re talking about 3 Ways to Ensure Your Live Broadcast Runs Smoothly.


Who are you going to approach about being in a Contributors group? Tell me in the comments!

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