How To Create Engaging Opt In Pages With Leadpages (Tutorial)

Have you ever wondered how I create those stunning opt in pages for my newsletter, events, giveaways, contests, webinars, etc?

It takes mere minutes to create these amazing opt in pages, that not only get your fan/client’s attention, but also convert really REALLY well!

Want to see what it’s like? Here’s a click-for-click tutorial on how to use Leadpages:


I use Leadpages in my own brands and businesses and see first hand just how effective this program is on a ┬ádaily basis! I’m so in love with this program that I’m actually an affiliate for them.

But what does that mean for YOU?


Heck to the yes.

You can now test out Leadpages for your own brand for 14 days for free by going to

Oh yeah, want an added bonus? If you purchase Leadpages after your free trial through my Affiliate link and send a screenshot of your purchase to me, I’ll critique your first opt in page and give you some simple-to-do suggestions for making it even more effect to convince more people to join whatever it is you’re trying to get them to do!

Questions? Hit the comments!

Stay inspired,


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