How to Get Instagram To Recommend Your Content Without Paying for Ads

Big News: Instagram is currently actively promoting me to people WITHOUT ME PAYING FOR ADS.


The key here is understanding the Instagram Algorithm. Ranking is based on engagement. The higher your engagement level, the higher you are ranked.

>>>Learn how to check your Instagram Analytics and Engagement Rate Here<<<

Because I sit consistently at such a high engagement rate, my posts are shown to more people, shown higher in the feeds, and actively promoted on their recommended page. Check out the video for a screen capture.

When building up your Instagram page, focus on creating content that will be engaged with-what can you do to get people to like and comment on your posts?

Video is recommended and promoted more than photos, so taking advantage of video within your IG feed is essential.

When you create posts that fans interact with YOU ARE DOING YOURSELF A HUGE FAVOR.

What type of videos can YOU create that will get your fans to interact with YOU? Stay tuned…next week we’re bringing you some awesome, easy-to-do ideas, some of which DON’T EVEN REQUIRE YOU TO BE ON SCREEN (see, I’ve got you covered *wink*)

Sound off int he comments if you want first access to these ideas 😉

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