How to Give Unique Answers When Interviewers Are Asking You the Same Questions

As an author, you get asked a lot of the same questions…over, and over, and over again.

Face it, it can get tedious…and if there is nothing new in your interviews, there’s no reason for your fans to check it out. This hurts not only you, the author, but the blogger as well. If there isn’t unique and interesting content within a post, people won’t bother to read it…which means neither of you are getting exposure.

So how do you fix this little problem?

The answer is simple: don’t tell everyone everything.

Hold back bits of information and then give different bloggers, different details. Keep the main part of the story the same, but offer them a bonus detail.

For example, if you’re talking about the desk you write at, describe it, but don’t always mention the dancing purple flower, the cup of chai tea you usually have, or the fact that the cushion you have on your chair is the same color as the blood of your fallen characters (and that it inspires you while you are writing!) Then parse out that information to several different bloggers.

Of course, this is a basic example. This works even better when you’ve got a really juicy story to share. OR FACTS ABOUT YOUR CHARACTERS that you don’t mention in the ebook.

This allows you to extend the life of your story, give unique content out, AND inspire your fans to read more than one interview.

Jump in the comments and let me know which interview question story you’re going to try this out with!

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