How To Repurpose Your Facebook Live Videos

Facebook Live, Periscope Live, even Instagram Stories and Snapchat videos are amazing within your marketing. But then they just sit there on your page. What if you could get more life out of those videos?


Repurposing videos is a great way to get more use out of your videos. By downloading your videos, editing them if you want, and uploading them to youtube, your website, or your other social media platforms, you get more use out of them.

Once you’ve done a live broadcast video, turn it into a blog post. You could even grab short clips from the videos and use them as teasers on Instagram.

The same goes for repurposing your other content. Have a blog post? Do a live video about it…or even break it up into several short live videos.

When you reuse content in different ways,¬†with different tweaks, it translates to a less amount of topics that you have to create and it gives more life to the things you’ve already done. You’ve already done the bulk of the work, so why not change it up in a different ways and put a little extra work into it instead of going through the entire creation process again for a new topic?

If you didn’t watch the video above, check it out. I show you step by step how to download your fb live videos so you can repurpose them.

What video will you repurpose today?

Stay inspired,



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