How To Use Instagram Live

Instagram just rolled out their Live additions to their platform to US users (currently rolling out to other countries) and it is awesome!


It’s a mix of FB Live, Periscope (in that viewers can leave you hearts and emoticons) and Snapchat (because it disappears after the broadcast is over)

Basically it is a catch it while it is live or miss out situation.

So what does this mean for you? Either harness it’s power and use it when a lot of your fans are online OR do the same type of broadcast on FB Live or Periscope where you can save it and repurpose the video for youtube later on.

this is also cool because it disappears…meaning if you are nervous, only the people who join you live can see you…so it’s not as bad if you mess up because it immediately deletes. ***THIS IS A GOOD WAY TO PRACTICE LIVE BROADCASTS***

I jumped on FB Live yesterday and gave you the run down of what buttons to push. Check it out here:

Happy Instagram Living!

Stay inspired,


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