On Small Wins


Today I had a small win. I got something right that I’ve been trying to get right for a few weeks now in one of my live broadcasts. I was thrilled to have finally accomplished this task…but this was no big task. It was simply saying a wrap up correctly. For weeks I tried to launch into my Reading Transforms ending for a Snowy Wings Publishing video. Did getting one little sentence correct mean anything significant? No. Did anybody other than me care? No.

So why is this so important? In the midsts of a few chaotic and kind of overwhelming days, I managed to have one little thing work out and it felt good.

Don’t ever discount the power of small wins. Even on bad days, especially on bad days, those small wins can help.

What is your small win for the day? Did you remember to put the coffee cup under your Kuerig before brewing? Did you answer all of your emails? Did you find out something cool about a character in your book? Did your puppy know just when to come play with you? Did you make the time to help out a friend? Tell me in the comments what your small win for the day is.

Stay inspired,

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