The 3 C’s for Why it’s Important to Make Friends Outside of the Industry


Finding friends outside of the industry is so important to an author. Having connections outside of the book world is not only beneficial to the author, but to the outside connection as well.

Cross Promotion

They can introduce your book to their fans, a group of people who might not ordinarily know about you, and you can introduce your fans to this person’s work.


Creating projects together is a great way to being out new aspects of both brands and bring in new key players to your audience.


You’ll find as you work with people, that things in their industry might not be well known in your industry, but works incredibly well in your market where everything is done “the same old way.” Likewise, they may learn things from your book industry that they can use in their brand. So often industries have a set way of doing things and the people that stand out and succeed better are the ones who try the unconventional way…which you can learn from people in other industries.

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