The 3 Most Important Things About Your Author Bio Photo

Author bio photos are incredibly important in this industry…so important that you CAN NOT be without one.

And not just ANY photo. There are certain kinds that WILL NOT do. 

Your author photos helps readers to connect with you. When you put a face to the name, it helps people to understand you are a real person, and possible one they should be connecting with through social media.


Here are the three most important things you need to know:

1.) Use highest quality possible.

Use a professional or the highest quality possible. Cell phone selfies are never professional.

2.) Avoid dated-looking photos.

Don’t get too posey, avoid dated backgrounds. You want a clean, modern looking images that represents the way you are now (not what we were ten years ago) Make it personal.

3.) Lighting is key!!!!!!!!

Harsh shadows, blown out lighting, or weird patterns of light obstruct your face. Remember, seeing you is connecting with you and if you’re just a blur of super bright light…that won’t go over well. You want even lighting over your face, so it’s actually best to take photos on overcast days (yes, in the shade!) for best results.
Have questions about your photos? Feel free to ask which of your options is best for you. I’m happy to lend my knowledge!

Tomorrow I’m jumping on FB Live and doing a broadcast on what you need to know about what to do with your author bio photo after you have selected it. This is REALLY important for when you send this photo to your publisher/bloggers/places you are guest posting/etc. Don’t miss it!

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