Tips For Taking Promo Photos

We recently released a video where we chatted about Three Ways to Create Awesome Author Marketing Graphics. We then jumped on Facebook Live to bring you three types of imagery you should focus on once you picked which way you’re going to be creating these images from the first video.

Once you’ve decided if you’re working with a friend, using a timer or using a remote shutter release, it’s time to focus on three different types of photos.

The first is straight on to camera. This is where you are looking straight in to camera for your images. You definitely need some of these, but this should be the one you focus on the least.

The second is Directed Gaze. With Directed Gaze you are look at somewhere other than the camera lens. You’re using your gaze to show people where to look in your image, usually at a title or words.

The third is Lifestyle. I completely love lifestyle both as a professional photographer and as a person who likes seeing pretty pictures on social media. Lifestyle has images of you without you looking directly at camera. These can range from full length images to close ups of your hands opening your book or your waist down walking passed a bench.


I would definitely put priority on the Lifestyle images, but do not neglect straight on to camera or Directed Gaze images, because believe me, you will use them!

Ready? Time to go shoot!

Have more questions? Want to learn about lighting, posing, editing, etc? Drop me a comment below with what your biggest “but I’m not sure about this” question and I’ll create a new tutorial for you!

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