Top Ten Ways Publishers Can Use The Contributors Feature on Facebook Live

Facebook recently announced a new change to their Live feature in the form of Contributors.

This is an amazing new step in the live broadcast process that allows admins of business pages to give Live access to non-admins. Meaning you can hand off the ability to live broadcast without letting someone control your page.

This is especially advantageous for publishers because it allows them to give access to their authors without giving them the ability to act as an admin (and potentially mess up the page if they aren’t tech savvy)

**Do not worry authors, we’re bringing you the top ten ways YOU can use Contributors in an article/video tomorrow. >>>CHECK IT OUT HERE<<<

Giving live access to authors gives publishers the ability to let their authors create native content on the page, driving more fans to the publisher’s page where they have the potential to discover the other authors and books.

Here are my top ten ways publishers can have their authors contribute to their pages:

  • Book Unboxings
    • When you send those brights shiny new books to your authors, have them open them up during a live broadcast on your page
  • Events and Book Signings
    • Have your authors go live during their on-location events. You could even give a few fans live video access and have them film the event for you and the authors.
  • In person examples of settings, scenery and events from the book
    • Whenever your author comes across something in real life that reminds them of a setting in their book, or something their character would do, have them go live an explain what they are seeing and why it connects to the book.
  • Live Q&A
    • Fans can ask questions and get answers in real time.
  • Author interviews
    • Have questions ready in advance and let your authors answer them live.
  • Contract Signings for new books
    • When you have an author who has been working with you for awhile, and you’re signing yet another book with them, do it live for fans to see (and then use this in marketing later)
  • Bonus content for the book
    • Have your author wake through any bonus content you have for the book, or create some new behind the scenes info to share live.
  • Behind the Scenes look at writing area
  • Book readings
    • Have your authors go live and read the first chapter or a really good scene to get fans’ interest.
  • Big announcements
    • When your fans make a list, hit a goal, etc, have them go live and share the good news.

BONUS: Have your book cover design go live and show off what they did to create that amazing book cover all your fans love.


Bringing on authors as contributors to your publisher’s facebook page gets your authors out to the world more, brings more fans in, shows the publisher is active and growing, and gives a deeper look into the books they are creating and selling. It develops a personal connection to your authors and encourages your fans to check your pages more frequently.

For more tips on how to feel comfortable on camera (because we all know some authors are camera shy) follow us at Reading Transforms. We put out a ton of content on this + we’ve got some really great webinars and courses that help with this. We also have some great info on how your authors can go live (to get the ranking within the Facebook algorithm that choses what to show fans) without ever being on screen.

Do you, as a publisher, have a specific question or want a little help with implementing Contributors into your marketing strategy? Reach out-I’m happy to help, get you pointed in the right direction, and support you however I can!

Tomorrow we’re talking about The Top Ten Ways Authors Can Use the Contributors Feature on Facebook Live. See you then!

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