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I tucked the grape vine on the other side of the iron gate. A random branch bounced in the breeze, it’s green silhouette a stark contrast against the cloudless sky. It was quiet. Quiet was such a luxury that I relished it as the smell of the food being placed next to me drew my attention away from the mountains. The trees were starting to turn and the beginnings of orange and reds were springing up in the branches of the trees over the drop off.

Labor Day, a holiday to celebrate those of us who work, seemed like the proper time to take a break, even if it’s as short as a lunch with my mama. This brief outing made my to do list for the day and we had a lovely time out, relaxing and enjoying the good food of an Italian restaurant over the mountain.

As entrepreneurs we have to be responsible for taking care of our businesses and our brands. Without us, they fail. As someone who runs multiple business, I know how time consuming this can be. In fact, I rarely sleep, let alone take an actual break. The words “time” and “off” are not in my vocabulary, so it seems.

But the value of rest and of taking care of ourselves is so important to our brands that when we don’t do it our brands actually suffer. Much like in an airplane when the flight attendants caution you to put your own oxygen mask on first and then help others, if we don’t care for ourselves, we can care for others, in this case, our fans.

So today, even for an hour, do something where you don’t worry about work.

Now don’t shirk your responsibilities. You can’t just trash an entire day if there’s work to be done just because you feel you’ve earned time off. If you can’t feasibly do it right now without getting very off track, be responsible and don’t waste an entire day. Use your time wisely. Take an hour off…take a morning off…but then get your work done. You can care for yourself and still do your work. You’re a professional and you’re fabulous…you can make both work.

So take a little time to yourself today, whether it’s reading a book for an hour, going out to dinner, and taking a walk during a break, but then turn around and get your hustle on and take care of your business.

After all, we’re celebrating the fact that you work for a living…that wouldn’t be possible without the brand you have worked so hard to create. Take care of your brand, baby, and watch it shine because of all your hard work!

Here’s to your sparkle and shine! May you always work it out!

Stay inspired,

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