Developing Strong Characters and Scenes with J.P. Sloan

This week on RT TV we hung out with author J.P. Sloan and he shared his pre-writing strategy with us for developing strong characters and scenes within his stories.

Now if you’ve hung out with me at all when I talk about getting to know your target audience and develop your avatar (or ideal client) you know I get DETAILED.

Well this same level of effort is put into J.P.’s writing and let me tell you, it is glorious.

When planning your characters, getting very detailed is incredibly helpful both in writing and in marketing (that’s a Pro Tip for yours truly!) Don’t stop at eye color and hair color when listing details about your characters. Go as far as to give them backstory, talk about their affiliations, talk about words they use a lot. You don’t have to use this all the story, but have it in front of you because it helps inform who your characters are and helps keep you on track.

Scenes are similarly planned out, having certain elements in each, and noting things like the time span over which the scene takes place, etc.

And because we never leave you without a Bonus Downloadable Freebie, we’ve actually got these worksheet resources available to you. Sign up for our show notes to get your hands on them!

Happy pre-writing!

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