Giving Back as an Author

At some point as an author, you’re going to feel the need to give back, but giving back can be hard when you don’t make a ton of money from your books…until you realize giving back doesn’t have to be money-related.


Giving back as an author can mean giving your time and efforts. So what can you do to give back?

Maybe you want to go big and bold and teach all of your fans how to write a book. Maybe you want to do something like edit an entire book for a fan for free. Or maybe you want to do something as simple as pick one fan who looks like they could use a friend and chat with them once a week or a few times a month.

You can invest int he book community as a whole, your entire fanbase, or in one person. It’s up to you what you want to do and how much time you’re willing to invest.

Maybe you want to go do an author talk at a school’s career day. Maybe you want to help with a literacy event at a local library. Maybe you want to oversee an entire pitching contest on social media.

Do what is going to work for you, your talents, and your schedule/life style. Don’t push it and over work yourself because then it will be done without a giving heart, and with the annoyance of “having to do something.”

Give yourself a goal to give back in one main way and then work to make it happen. If you can fit more in, do it! Start small and build your way up. You’ve got this!

Happy giving back!

Stay inspired,


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