How To Market Mailing Out Books

Mailing out books is anything but glamorous, right?

As authors, you have to mail out books and swag for fans, contests, promotions, etc. But do you know how to market that?

Sure, you could just sign your books, pop them in an envelope or box, take them to the post office and be done with it.

Or… could do this:

Live broadcasting the entire event from signing the book to packaging it up, is great marketing. Whether you break it up into pieces, use micro video, or do one whole broadcast, letting your fans be a part of that part of your author life is great for getting them to engage with you and understand you better as an author.

Pro Tip1: As you are showing off mailing your book, remember to narrate and tell fans what they are seeing.

Pro Tip2: Do not show mailing addresses in videos or photos.

The more of your author journey you show your fans, the more tied to you they become.

Check out the video to see just how I marketed mailing out book in my own author brand.

Have you ever shown off yourself mailing out books through your social media? Tell me your story in the comments!

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