How to Use FB Live From Your Desktop

Using live broadcasting within your author marketing is so essential these days and I applaud those of you have jumped on it and are making the effort to stay on top of the social media algorithm changes that favor live broadcast content.

Facebook just announced they are rolling out the ability to broadcast from your desktop, no longer requiring you to use your phone to go live.

Here’s what you need to know:

*You must use a Chrome browser to access the live capabilities.

*Once you are on your page, here’s where to look:


*Please note, you can do way cooler stuff with a paid program, like adding words or slides to your screen. I recommend using BeLive. Check out my tutorial here.

Facebook also announced the ability to add Contributors to your pages. Check out our Contributor tutorials here.

Will you be going live from your desktop sometime soon? Leave me a comment with your FB page link so I can come watch your broadcast and help support you!

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