How to Get Asked Back to Book Signings


Book signings are an awesome part of being an author…but how do you go about getting invited and how do you then get yourself asked back after?
This week on our live RT TV broadcast we talked with author Sherry D. Ficklin about her experiences with signings and events and we hit on something very few people talk about when it comes to signings: store etiquette.

Check out the full episode here:

How you behave from the moment you reach out, to the actual signing, to following up afterwards, will dictate whether or not you become a venue favorite and a fan favorite.

If you are aware of the etiquette rules, you are likely to be far more successful when you reach out to do events.

And of course, we’d never leave you on your own…so I’ve created a Surviving Signing Season Checklist to use when you are preparing for your next event. You can download this FREEBIE by joining our Show Notes Newsletter and get access to all of our past freebies AND a special gift!

Happy signing!

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