Interactive Live Bookstagram Styling Event

I’m doing a LIVE interactive event where you can learn to photograph your book for marketing purposes while I’m live on air!

You’ll be able to talk directly to me while I’m live on air demonstrating. You can even show me your set up and I can give you personalized directions. There’s an active chatbox but I can also bring you on air so I can see what you are doing through your webcam if you want extra help. You can send in photos for me to look at for suggestions, etc.

I’m only taking 10 people for this event to ensure everyone gets personalized attention. It’s $15 per seat. Come join me for this hour-long live interactive broadcast.


Once you secure your space in the workshop, I’ll send you a workbook with a list of things to bring (including your book, camera/phone, and props from around your house) and a list of resources both to improve your book photography AND your photo editing skills.

It’s going to be great but spaces will fill fast!

See you inside the interactive workshop!

Stay inspired,


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