Lessons From A Robin

Lessons from a Robin

I was sitting here just now, working away on content for Reading Transforms and something caught my attention. In my peripheral vision I could see about a dozen or so robins in my front yard, all looking for food. One robin in particular had caught a rather large worm.

It quickly hopped under the bench to another robin, this one slightly more grey than itself. Pausing for only a moment to get permission, it leapt toward the second bird and popped the worm into it’s mouth. Without a second thought, it hopped away, looking for more food.

At this point, I should point out that the second bird had not had any trouble finding it’s own food. In fact, as I sat there watching for the next minute or so, this second robin managed to find another three worms to eat, and it hadn’t hopped more than two steps away from where it had started.

So let’s evaluate. This second robin was having no trouble finding food. It was doing perfectly fine on it’s own. It was quite capable of taking care of itself. The first bird didn’t need to care for it. But it did anyway.

The first bird easily could have kept the food for itself. The second bird had it’s own food. No one needed to give or accept this food for survival. It was simply an act of kindness.

Just because someone is doing fine on their own, doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t appreciate an act of kindness.

Just because you have your own things to do, doesn’t mean you can’t take a second and give a moment of yourself to someone else.

And just because someone is older and more seasoned within the industry, doesn’t mean you have nothing to offer them.

When we stick together, when we invest our time in each other, when we take care of one another, and when we offer a little bit of ourselves to another person, we make the industry better.

Not because we have to, but because we can.

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