Marketing Two Books at Once

Marketing two books at once can seem really hard, but there are a few things you can do to make it a lot easier:


What Do Your Books Have In Common?

Use common elements or themes from your stories within your marketing. Look for cross over, even if they are two very different books. Look for similar scenery, settings, action and things that happen within the book that you can play up. Even more specifically, look at your characters and find common character traits.

What Do The Covers Have in Common?

With your covers, you want to be looking for shared colors and elements and then play these up in your imagery. Is there a color that is the same or a color that makes them both pop? If you don’t have a color that is the same, use a background that works for both books; keep it neutral or make it stand out. Use a solid color, deskscape or a cozy bed comforter setting because it you don’t want to isolate one of the books if you are decorating a book image with two books but only based on one theme.

The Key

Look for common features in both (or all) of your books and use those in your marketing. Your books may be completely different from each other but you can still find common elements. Maybe it’s that both books have some musical ties, or both of your main characters are fighting through an emotional battle. You can focus on your covers and pull out things that are similar…colors, elements, etc. Your goal is to find the tiny threads that can tie your books together and play those up. If you don’t know what to do-make it a contest and ask your fans to connect your two books together…you’d be amazed at what they can come up with!


Jump in the comments and let me know what YOUR connections are going to be!

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