Tips for Summery Bookstagram Images

With summer coming to a close, we’re chatting about a few ways to get in those last minute end of summer bookstagram images that are still flooding the feed.

If you haven’t watched our tutorial playlist (from professional photographer, K.M. Robinson, a.k.a. yours truly) be sure to check it out here. It’s tips from how to work in dark and limited lighting, to avoiding shine on book covers, to how to decorate your images. it’s professional tips and tricks that you can use even if you’re taking photos with your iPhone. I even teach you how to bend and manipulate light for $1 (instead of buying professional, very expensive, equipment to do the same thing) >>>WATCH THE VIDEOS HERE<<<

Decorating for summer bookstagram images is one of my favorite things to do…probably because summer is my happy place…but there’s just so much you can do with the imagery! I love it!

Check out a few of these examples for summery bookstagram images:

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