What Do I Do With My New Review? (Working with Quotes)

“Question-what do I do with my new quote/review about my book?” -A

Great question, A! Getting a good review/quote is a fabulous thing and you need to take advantage of it! So let’s look at five ways you can play with it:

1.) Quote graphic

Make a gorgeous image that you can use on social media. I recommend using the  best equipment you have, so if that means Photoshop, use that, and if it means using a free site like canva.com, use that.

Be sure whatever image you pair it with is a legally obtained image (not something you just grabbed off of Google…that is copyright infringement and you can get a massive fine even if “you didn’t know.”) and does not overshadow your quote. Keep the quote front and center, so use a less-busy image in a color scheme that makes your text pop.

Then get it up on social media paired with a lovely thank you message and appropriate hashtags.

2.) Make an album on Instagram

With the new roll out of albums, this is a great way to get a lot of content out there without annoying fans by taking up their entire feed. Create an album saying your new review from fill-in-the-blank has arrived and direct them to swipe to see it. Then follow it up with a series of graphics where you’ve broken the review into one-sentence quote graphics and allow them to read the entire thing by swiping through. Follow the quote with a bookstagram style image of your book, and use your last screen to deliver info on where they can find/pre-order/get an excerpt from your book.

3.) Go live!

Jump on Facebook live or Periscope and talk about it! Read of the quote, thank them for their review, tag them in your title (so their fans see it) and talk about why it’s so awesome!

This doesn’t have to be a long broadcast…pretend it’s the Oscars and you only get a minute and a half to talk–knock out that highlights reel, baby!

We know that with the social media platforms, they value video more than any other type of content (meaning they show it to more people) so while Facebook will show your quote graphic to people, it’s going to show your live video to more people than it shows your photo to.

4.) Use your new quote on your sales page

Get it on Amazon, put it on Goodreads, get it on your website. Anywhere where there is a write up about your book, these big important author and reviewer quotes need to be there.

5.) Take it to your street team

Show it off, then have them do a contest to show it off. Whoever does it most creatively/the most/the best/(whatever, you get the idea) wins a signed bookmark.

When other people are the ones talking about you, it has more impact. Equip and inspire your fans to market for you and you’ll get way more reach for your efforts. (Want more info on how to get your street team to willingly and happily market FOR you? Send us your email and we’ll get you on the wait list for the next time we open up our Street Team course and webinar!)

Are there more ways to use you new quote? Heck, yes! There are SO many ways you could be taking advantage of marketing this, but for now, focus on these five and later on we’ll jump in with some new ideas for you!

Which way are you going to use first? Drop it in the comments below and let’s inspire each other!

Stay inspired,



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