Why You Should Be Using An Automated Welcome Sequence In Your Author Newsletter

Want to save time on your author newsletter AND give your fans a better experience with you while ensuring they get the most important info from you that they need when they meet you?

Creating an automated welcome sequence is the answer.

An automated welcome sequence is a series of emails you send out to your fans when they join your list that you create once and then never have to worry about sending out again (unless you need to update the info.) Check it out:

Now that Mailchimp has announced free automation for everyone there’s no reason why any author should not be creating an automated welcome sequence.

To learn more about what you should have in every single one of your author newsletters AND to learn more about automating your newsletter, visit newslettersforauthors.readingtransforms.comĀ 

I have a free one hour master class that goes over five totally tweak able things you should be putting in each and every one of your author newsletters (and there are extra, super special bonuses at the end!!)

What questions do YOU have about newsletters? Drop them in the comments below!

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