5 Important Things to Send Your Beta Readers

The 5 Important Things To Send to Your Beta Readers are so important because it helps you get the most out of your author-beta reader relationship and ensures that they come back to help you time and time again.

Short and Sweet version:


Assuming you know (and trust-this is an entirely different topic we teach on in our working with beta readers courses) the beta readers, here’s what you should prepare:
1. Specific Guidelines to follow
-Date to be returned
-How to send notes back
-What type of notes you’re looking for

2. Properly formatted manuscript
-See episode 11 of RT TV

3. “To be aware of” list
-things they should be mindful of while reading (to be read before reading manuscript)

4. Questions for after
-specific questions to answer about story (to be read after reading manuscript)
BONUS-Beta Reader Questions Swipe File


(get your copy here: shownotes.readingtransforms.com)

5. Follow up
-Thank them
-Gift (hand written note, or $5 Amazon card)
-Public call out on social media

Jump down into the comments and tell me how you’re going to step up your game when working with beta readers.

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