How Book Stickers Relate To Your Author Brand

Book stickers are a lot like your author journey. When you sign a contract, enter into a partnership, connect your name to someone else’s name or business…you slap their sticker on your author brand.

Sometimes this is helpful…but if something happens and you want to end that relationship, when you try to peel their sticker off your author brand…you get sticky, gross residue from their bad behavior all over your author brand for life. There is no removing it all.

So before you commit to anything with anyone…do your research. Make sure they have a quality reputation. Make sure you have a lawyer check the contracts. Make sure everyone is treated right and is being paid on time. Don’t sign something or agree to something because they are the first offer or because you think you won’t find anything else.

You are worth more than that.

Your author brand needs to be protected.

If you don’t take care of it, when someone else burns, you’re going to go down in flames with them…or at least end up a little singed.

DO YOUR RESEARCH and don’t make poor choices because you feel like you can’t do better or you’re so excited someone likes you.

You’re better than that and your author brand deserves more.

Stay inspired,

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