Creating Bonuses In The Book World

A few months ago I was at a hotel. I might have talked about this in one or two of our tutorial articles. Today I want to talk about yet another lesson hotels have to teach authors about their marketing.

I know you-you’re an author who wants to really take care of your fans. You want to get them to engage with you, talk to you, and value you.

I talk a lot about taking care of fans, and today I want to talk to you about another way to do that-with strategically implementing bonuses into your author brand.


Hotels are known for giving away bonuses. Think about the shampoos and soaps they leave out to welcome you. These are tiny, personal sized gifts they give out-just because they can.

Maybe a guest forgot their shampoo, or maybe they like to collect the pretty scented things wherever the stay. Hotels don’t “have to” give these away. There’s no mandatory law saying they must supply these. Each hotel defines their own version of these bonuses, chasing the colors, scents and sizes they want. Each set is unique to that hotel.

I am incredibly allergic to these little bottles of shampoo, but I love taking them home with me “in case I have a house guest who forgot theirs“-or maybe just because they are too cute to pass up. I always look forward to see what they will look like whenever I go on vacation-it’s a fun experience to walk into your hotel room and find a few little things meant just for me.

And while this is common in the hotel industry, bonuses are NOT common in the book industry (unless it’s a gift with pre-order.)

So as an author, you have an advantage-not many people are doing this for their fans, so when YOU DO, you become an outlier…someone unique…someone special.

So what do you do for bonuses? Your first though is probably that you have to spend money-but that’s not true. 

As one of MY bonuses, I actually give away an amazing PDF full of ideas for marketing your book that won’t cost you anything and has an extra bonus inside where I give 15 prize ideas that won’t cost you a cent.

You can go to my website and grab it (top, middle, and bottom of site all have places to grab it) or you can

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So start planning out your bonuses and create a list of just-because surprises you can give your fans.

Jump down below and tell me your amazing ideas!

Stay inspired,


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