Preparing to Query with Awnna Marie Evans

Preparing to Query with Awnna Marie Evans

Have you ever started to pull the pieces together to submit a query to a new agent or publisher or your notes together to send a book proposal to your editor and realized it’s actually a lot of work?

Well, we feel ya. Querying or submitting a proposal is no joke.

Which is why this week we brought in Awnna Marie Evans, a free lance editor with experience in acquisitions who is contracted with multiple publishers, to talk to us about preparing to send in your query. She even hits on several things I didn’t know about querying that helps you stand out in the crowd, and I’ve been in this business awhile now.

The link to the full RT TV episode on Preparing to Query is at the bottom of this post.

Awnna Marie Evans

Did you know that there are specific ways to format the email you send to your editor? Were you aware that your synopsis should be written in the present tense or that you should have several different levels of synopses ready to go before you ever hit send on your initial email?

Here are some of the highlights from this episode of RT TV:

Knowing you are ready

  • Researching agents/editors
  • Being professional
  • Knowing boundaries

Setting up your query

  • Proper formatting
  • Addressing your query professionally
  • Specific content
    • Intro
    • Body
    • Author Info
    • Other pertinent information
    • Signature
  • Mistakes to avoid

The synopsis

  • How to be prepared in advance
  • Different types of synopses
  • What it should cover
  • What it is not
  • How to format it

The manuscript

  • What they asked for
  • Does it match with your query?
  • Shows you understand your audience
  • Opening
  • Rumors on prologues

Follow up

  • How to get in touch
  • When to reach out
  • How to react
  • What to do if you receive a rejection
  • What to do if you receive an accept

Redflags for Querying

  •   How to stand out in the crowd without shooting yourself in the foot


Author Lyssa Chiavari wrote in during the show and said “This is quality content! I’m taking so many notes,” and also called it “One of the best RT TV episodes yet.

Lyssa Chiavari quote on RT TV

You don’t want to miss out.

Preparing to Query with Awnna Marie Evans

Check out the entire RT TV episode on Preparing to Query with Awnna Marie Evans and get all the details right here.


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Query Submission Checklist

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We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Don’t forget to check out Awnna’s website, especially if you want to hire her to look over your query before you send it.

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