Top Ten Ways Authors Can Use The Contributors Feature on Facebook Live

I’m thrilled Facebook recently announced a new Live platform addition in the form of Contributors.

Admins of pages (aka you authors) can now give Contributor access to other people to come on their business pages and live broadcast without having admin privileges. This means they can welcome people onto their page to create content for them without worrying about them messing anything up because they don’t have admin control access.

This is incredibly wonderful for authors who want to raise their standing with the Facebook algorithms but don’t want to be on camera all the time.

Yesterday we dropped a great article and video about how Publishers can take advantage of Contributors-be sure to check this out because a lot of it is applicable to authors as well.

Here are my top reasons for authors to add Contributors to a page:

  1. Author friends
    1. This one a massive-which is why we’re dedicating a separate article/video to it tomorrow.
  2.  Publisher
    1. Anytime your publisher’s PR person wants to go live and talk about you/your book/an upcoming event, they can go live on your page and reach your specific fans.
  3. Fan Take Over
    1. This one is incredibly important too-which is why we’re dedicated a separate article/video to it later this week.
  4. Book Cover Designer BTS Work
    1. Talk to your amazing designer and have them go live to talk about the creation of your cover and show off what they did. Behind the scenes (bts) is always a fan favorite.
  5. Outsourcing Work
    1. When you want to get your ranking but don’t want to be the one on screen, hire someone to do all of that work for you. We’re doing an exclusive bonus about this in a Facebook live broadcast later today.
  6. Live Book Reading
    1. When you want to entice potential fans who haven’t read your book yet to actually pick it up, live readings are a great way to get attention. It’s often hard to read your own book live, so why not bring on someone else to read a passage for you?
  7. BTS of Fan Art
    1. Have a fan that loves to create fan art for you? Have them go live on your page and show the bts (behind the scenes) of their artwork. Let them talk about the finished product or show short clips of them actually drawing it while talking through what they are doing.
  8. Live Book Reviews
    1. Get a trust fan, one you know will be professional, and have them give a live book review-this is the next level of Booktubing and is sure to grab attention!
  9. Favorite Character Wars
    1. Pick a week a have several fans go live talking about their favorite character and singing their praises and see how fans react. Note: this is not an actual war, so no smack talk.
  10. Events
    1. When you go live at book signings and events, you no longer have to hand off your camera for someone to film for you-you can give them access and have multiple fans broadcasting for you throughout the event.

Bringing others on to your page is super helpful because it means you don’t have to create as much content as you normally would AND you can use this content in your marketing.

Stay tuned with Reading Transforms this week, because we still have some amazing articles and videos to go, as well as bonus live mini trainings on our Facebook page AND exclusive mini trainings that will not be rebroadcast anytime soon within our Community group on Facebook. Join us!

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