15 Questions to Refocus Your Author Brand

As we are kicking off the new year, we should take a few minutes to refocus our brands. After all, going into things with a clear picture helps us to better reach our goal. Here are 15 questions that will help you redefine where you are going this coming year in your author brand:


1.) What was my favorite thing about my brand last year?

2.) What is the best thing that could happen this year? How can I make that happen?

3.) Do I have a group of like-minded creatives surrounding me that I can discuss my brand with openly to help support and grow each other? Do I have people smarter and more experienced than me in my group that I can learn from?

4.) What is my biggest fear in my brand? What steps can I take to overcome that fear?

5.) What is generating the most income for my brand? How can I do more of that this year?

6.) What is the biggest trouble spot I have in my brand? How can I fix it or how can I outsource it?

7.) What is holding me back time-wise? What do I need to do to create more time in my work life or how can I streamline what I’m already doing to be more efficient?

8.) What makes my brand unique? What makes my brand special enough to stand out in the crowd? How can I focus on that this year in my marketing?

9.) What type of work do I need to say no to this year? What projects were the most draining or unenjoyable?

10.) Where do I find inspiration for my brand and marketing?

11.) Where do I educate myself on brand and business matters? Where should I be investing my time and/or money into education?

12.) What can I do to give back through my brand this year?

13.) What do I need to do to invest in my own brand? What education do I need? Do I need to change my daily schedule to allow more time? Are there things I should give up or things I should add into my schedule?

14.) Is there any are in my business that feels less than authentic or feels like it doesn’t fit in with my brand? What can I do about that?

15.) How will I define success this year? What are the main goals I want to accomplish? What will make me the happiest and most fulfilled?


Best wishes on defining your brand for 2017!

Stay inspired,


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