4 Steps to Creating Fan Take Overs Via Facebook Live Contributors

Using Facebook Live Contributors for fan take overs is extremely helpful for doing live fan reviews.

I recommend this only for fans that you know and trust to go live on your page. While they won’t have access to your admin buttons, they will be live on your page, speaking to your fans.

Have the fan you are granting access to first give you an overview of what they plan to say so that you know what to expect (this also gives you the opportunity to fine tune what they will be saying) and help them with the flow of their broadcast.

Set a specific time for them to go live and promote it in advance, linking back to their page if they have a business page for their blog or booktube chanel.

Be there live to monitor the broadcast. This gives you the opportunity to jump into the comments and talk to people as well as drop your links when necessary.

After the broadcast is over, make sure you thank them publicly for their review and link back to them (always link back-this is a collaboration and you want to give them credit and send new fans their way)

You can invite fans to do more than just review your book on your page. Great ideas also include having them do a live dramatic reading of a specific scene, have them talk about their favorite quote, character or scene, or have them give a book recommendation.

Setting specific times and boundaries will help to ensure a better broadcast from your fans. Before giving them access to your page, make sure they know what is expected of them and give them specific things they must agree to. Once they agree you can give them contributor access and set up a time with them.

Check out yesterday’s article and video on how to make contributor broadcasts run smoothly.

What type of Contributor broadcast do you think your fans will jump for? Let me know in the comments!

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