Finding Places to Guest Blog

Today I am getting ready to do my first podcast as a guest star. This particular podcaster has a quick turn around time, so we’re recording the episode tomorrow and it will be live mid-next week.

As I sit here getting ready, I’m going through all the steps I teach when I educate authors on getting best blog/podcast/show spots.

I’m creating my outline/pitch. I’m getting my bio and headshot together. I’m curating a list of all the links I will be referring to during the show.

The great thing about this particular occasion is that I’ve already been accepted, so I don’t have to sell the idea to get on the podcast, but I do have to pitch the idea. I’ve basically already been told yes, but I still have to go through the motions of getting everything in order.

We’re going to take some time and get really in depth on how to get a guest star placement booked for you in the coming weeks. Until then!

Stay inspired,

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