Author Bio Photos: What You Need To Know AFTER You Pick Your Photo

We recently talked about The Three Most Important Things About Your Author Bio Photo but now we need to talk about what happens AFTER you have that image.

So let’s talk about file name and file size (and why it’s so imperative that you get it right!)


Your file name should not be IMG_1234. No one knows what that means, but if you label it with your name, then people will always know it’s your photo, they can easily search for it on their computer and if they stumble across your photo on their computer down the road they will know who it is.

Furthermore, the size file you send is super important-too small leads to pixelation…but too big also doesn’t work well on the internet either.

Check out the video for more info!

Are you guilty of mislabeling your photos? Tell me your horror stories below!

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