Eleven Key People You Need On Your Author Team

The way I see it, there are eleven key people you need on your author team to help push you, shape you, encourage you, and help you grow. So who are these people and why are they important?


*a good beta reader (to help with the big things)

*a good editor (to help with the small things)

*a good marketer/brander (to help focus on business)

*a good decision maker (for those indecisive moments)

*someone outside of the industry (to give a unique perspective)

*someone inside the industry (to give an insider’s perspective)

*someone more established in the industry (to guide you)

*someone less established in the industry (to question you)

*someone who can identify the flaws (for when you’re too close to an idea)

*someone who sees all the potential (for when you need inspiration and cheerleading)

*a biggest fan (to encourage you and run ideas passed)


Now get out there and find your people. It’s okay if some of them have overlapping jobs within your circle. You’re “industry voice” can also be your “good decision maker” voice. Find your friends strengths, see where it fits within your tribe, and then rely on them to help you with those areas of your author life. Then make it your goal to be at least one of these voices for at least one of your author friends.

Tell me in the comments who these voices are within your author tribe.

Stay inspired,


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