How Often Should Authors Be Posting On Instagram?

How often should authors be posting on Instagram?

My answer is going to be based on the social media algorithms and how they are indexing content. We know that the algorithms favor posts that are “more valuable” and that this value is based on how much people interact with the post through liking and commenting on it. The more interaction a post gets, the higher it is ranked, and the more the system shows it to people.

The key is that you want your fans’ effort to be focused on one image that you post per day. If you post more imagery, your fans’ focus may be split. They might like one post, but not the second. They may only see the recent post and not scroll down to the earlier post, so you’d only get one comment. But if your fans know you post every day and they actively look for your post, they will comment on the one image you are posting and will help your ranking.

So generally speaking, posting once per day is your best option. Of course there will be situations when you post more than once, or you don’t post, but your best option is once per day. More info in the video above.

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