Instagram Platform Update: Instagram Stories Ads

I have loved Instagram Stories since the day it was unveiled. I spent two weeks doing almost daily live videos on Facebook about how to use Instagram Stories…so it’s no surprise that I am on top of the Stories game.

Today Instagram announced a new platform update. They are currently testing ads within Instagram Stories. They’ve chosen a handful of big companies to work with…I’ve seen some of these ads…and it’s going to be a spectacular addition to the platform.



Currently these ads are not available to the general public, but when they are, life will be good. Ads can run up to 15 seconds and have the ability to use sound-which is amazing because 70% of Stories are watched with the sound on! Ad creators can use video or stills up to 15 seconds long to communicate a story that engages their fans within their ads. (Excuse me while my marketer brain runs away with an epic series of 15 second videos authors can be creating-see the list below!)

Right now ads are being run within the testing stages and pricing and positioning have not been released in terms of what it will be for us when they open it up, but it’s something to start planning for now.

Furthermore, Instagram has gone on to talk about the new business platform additions they will soon be adding. Check out this live broadcast video as to why many of my social media influencer friends and I will not be changing over to a business account any time soon (and why you should avoid it as long as possible)

If you are not yet using IG Stories, you need to make this an important part of your weekly author marketing plan. Right now 150 million people use IG Stories every single day. This is the same number as people who use Snapchat every day. Influencers have found that IG Stories receive 28% more views than Snapchat stories. Entrepreneurs in every field are taking advantage of Instagram Stories. If you’re not already using Stories, and using them well, you’re super far behind.
Here are just a few ways I can see authors using Instagram Stories Ads in the future

-unboxing videos
-cover reveals
-launch day
-special bonuses
-behind the scenes
-jacket cover reading
-book teasers

No joke, I’m going to start making some of these 15 second ads now. Wave of the future, people, wave of the future.

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