How to Drive Your Facebook Fans to Your Instagram

I recently jumped on my author Facebook Live and did a broadcast where I referred to something I showed on Instagram Stories. I did this intentionally to drive my Facebook fans over to my Instagram account:


When creating content on one platform, you can easily extend that content onto another platform, much like I did in my broadcast.

Within my broadcast on my author page, I talked about an editing tablet I use while I work, and then said I would be giving a behind the scenes look at that editing tablet on my Instagram Stories. As you can imagine, people were curious and made their way to my IG account to see the behind the scenes footage.

This is something you can do all of your platforms. Deliver content on one platform, but hold back some of the “extra” content you could then use on a different platform alter that day. Within your post/broadcast reference where they can find that bonus content. If your fans are interested, they will go look. If they are not, you’ve still created unique content for your different platforms.

Happy content creating!

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