How to Effectively Run An Instagram Live Replay

Have you done an IG Live before? Here’s what you need to know about effectively using the replay feature on Instagram live:
Instagram now allows you to post a rebroadcast of you Live event. This is the same as an IG Story and lives on your page for 24 hours. I personally see between a 40-50% engagement rate compared to Stories, many of which are not cross over viewers, so while I’m still getting more people to watch Stories than my Live replays (this is because Stories are almost always shorter than watching a rebroadcast of a Live) using the reply feature is incredibly important to authors because it gives social proof that you are an active and involved author that fans not only respect, but value enough to interact with.
Step 1.) Introduce Your Content
Step 2.) Keep It As Short As Possible While Still Communicating Your Point
Step 3.) Always Use Broadcast To Direct Fans To Something More Valuable
Step 4.) Don’t Post the Replay If It Isn’t Valuable To Fans
Step 5.) Save Your Replay And Repurpose It
Pro Tip: Let Your Street Team Know In Advance So They Can Be Active On The Feed
Pro Tip 2: Use Your IG Stories To Reinforce Your Live Replay
And because I love giving out freebie bonuses on Reading Transforms, I have a great one for you! An Instagram Live Checklist that will help you live broadcasts run smoother before, during, and after you go live.
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