You’re Only As Strong As the Books You Read: Live Book Unboxing + Why You Shouldn’t Spend All of Your

They say you’re only as strong as the books that you read-and that’s incredibly true! But as authors, we tend to spend a lot of time reading in the genres we write in/like and not a lot of time investing into our brands. This is a huge problem because if we are studying things like business, online business, social media strategy, the algorithms, business management, marketing, branding, etc…not only will we not be able to keep up, but we will outright fail. So how do we fix this? By taking the time to participate in educational webinars, researching different things that are relevant to our brands, reading books on the topics that affect us, and watching live broadcasts with industry leaders. This is how we survive. This is how we grow. This is how we rule the industry. I jumped on a Facebook live broadcast to chat about this and do a book unboxing where I unveiled a new business book I had just been sent by some friends of mine for helping them out with something. What business books are YOU currently reading? Hit up the comments and let me know! Stay inspired, -K.M.

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