How To Get Your Fans To Talk To You On Twitter

Twitter is a social place…but are people talking to you, dear author?

There’s probably a reason they aren’t, and I bet it’s because of one simple thing: you aren’t giving them the opportunity to talk. Now hear me out, you’re trying your best, I know you are, but have you ever received a text message from someone that simply says “k” and nothing else? What do you say to THAT? Nothing…no one knows what to say to that.

It’s the same thing with Twitter or any social media platform. If you only post statements, the most you’ll get it a “cool” or “congrats” and some likes. That doesn’t help you, does it? But there is a super simple way to change that and it makes all the difference:

Easy, right? So how should we try this out? (see what I did there????) Tell me in the comments!

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