Improving Your Facebook Live Broadcasts with BeLive

Broadcasting on Facebook Live is essential to the survival of your Pages on Facebook because the algorithms value video and live video. We’re at the point now, where normal broadcasting through your phone or through Facebook Live on Chrome on your computer isn’t going to cut it (with the exception of being on location somewhere)

We actually have to step up the game, especially as professionals. So how do we make our broadcasts look more high end and professional?

Enter BeLive.

This is an amazing platform that allows you to broadcast through your computer on a Chrome browser (which is free from Google if you don’t already have it) and you can add overlays, frames, screen share, and welcome guests onto your broadcast. (Pro tip: Keep scrolling…I have a click-for-click tutorial further down on the page to show you exactly how to use it and what it can do!)

You can have up to ten people in a lobby (where they wait to come on air) and up to three people on screen at any given time, including yourself. You can add overlays with things like your name, your social media handles and websites, topics, titles, points from something you are teaching on, and more.

I’ve been known to screen share to show off pictures, live edit photos in photoshop, debut book trailers and other videos, and more right through Facebook Live using the BeLive platform.

The best part is that part of this platform is free! The paid version obviously has way more bang for your buck and gives you a bunch of additional features, but if you are only doing a few short broadcasts within your platform, you can definitely use their free part of this platform (pro tip: to screen share, you must use the paid features, but you can do word overlays in the free versions)

Okay, okay, you’re probably wondering just how BeLive works, aren’t you?

I jumped into the dashboard for BeLive to create a click-for-click tutorial on exactly how to use the program and what it has to offer:

And also check out our original tutorial before they switched the interface (still has tons of great content!) here:

Have questions on using BeLive or live broadcasting in general? Hit up the comments! You know I’m the queen of live broadcasting so I’m happy to help out with your questions!

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