Should I Be Promoting My WIP Before It Has a Home?


I’ve been asked a lot recently whether or not authors should be promoting their WIPs publicly if they don’t have a home yet. Here are a few thoughts:

I caution people who don’t: A.) have a signed book contract, or B.) aren’t planning to self publish with a fairly firm release date, to not publicly promote their WIPS because it can actually do more damage than good.

1.) Protect Your Fans

Fans want things now. They don’t want to be waiting two, three, four years for a book that may or may not ever come out. That is unfair to them AND it damages your credibility with them if it never comes out.

If you’re going to tell people you’re working on a new project, be very very vague about it. See the video for more notes on how to effectively do this!

2.) It Could Hurt Your Chances Of Getting A Book Deal

Publishers and agents want and need to be able craft the narrative of your story. They need to be able to promote it in a  way that is effective for them. If you have your book, lines, characters splashed all over the internet, they no longer have the power to control the narrative. Will they still want a book that they can not market as effectively as they’d like? Maybe yes, maybe no.

So how DO you promote your WIP to publishers and agents?

Go through the proper querying process, make friends, learn the industry, and kick down a few doors (the right way) Check the video for more!

Now does this mean promoting your book publicly before it has a home will always fail? No. You could potentially get some attention. But does that mean this is the right way to handle this? You decide.

How is YOUR work in progress going? Sound off in the comments and if you’re looking for a little support, come join the Reading Transforms Community! See you inside!

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