What Is The Biggest Blog Design Mistake Authors Make?

I recently had an author ask me what the biggest blog design mistake was that authors make.

Blogging for authors is so incredibly important (search blog on the resource blog here and you’ll find tons of resources on why it’s so essential to be blogging on a weekly basis as an author) so creating an aesthetically pleasing blog is something authors should be paying attention to…but there are some pitfalls I’ve seen a lot of authors fall into when creating their blog.

One of the biggest mistakes I see authors making on their blogs is overwhelm. Authors add so many unnecessary things to their blogs…badges, streams from their social media, extra things that don’t really need to be on the blog.

The key to an effective blog design is simplicity. Yes, you want give fans access to things like your social media, but you don’t want streaming posts from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

The cleaner the look, the easier it is to know where to focus. If you want fans to read your blog, don’t give them extra interactive things they could get distracted by. Clearly direct them where you want them to go.

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