When and Why Authors Should Blog

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about blogging lately. Should authors be blogging? How often? What type of content should they put on their blogs?


Using a blog as an author is essential because it raises your ranking within the search engine systems. Because you are putting out frequent content, you are ranked higher.

It’s also important because when you give valuable and consistent information to your fans, they will see you are invested in your fans. When people first meet you they will make a decision about you-if they see that you are highly involved with your fans and active at giving them things, like interesting blog posts that are valuable to them, then hey are far more likely not only to stick around, but also to interact with you. The more they interact, the more they feel responsible for your success, and the more they will support you.

But knowing what to write on a blog is hard…

Solution: bloggingforauthors.readingtransforms.com

This is a free, one hour Master Class where I teach you 10 tweakable, reusable topics you can use for your blog for each book, every character, again and again and again.

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